Thursday, 2 December 2010

Listening Comprehension-Answers

Question 1
MAIN IDEA-Havanna has had an eventful history which is reflected in its contrasting and varied architecture.(3  marks)

Question 2
Any FOUR of the following:
-cracked concrete blocks
-collapsing buildings
-peeling art deco treasures
-battered buildings
-ornate balconies hanging on by mossy threads
(4 marks)

Question 3
TWO marks for any TWO of the following (ONE for example & ONE for device)
-Hyperbole-'ornate balconies hang on by mossy threads'
(i) 'Beautifully restored colonial mansions...with collapsing buildings'
(ii) 'Beautiful but battered buildings'
(iii) 'Peeling art deco treasures against brand-new smoked-glass shopping centres.'
-Personification-'...buildings have been shaped by the elements.'
-Metaphor-mossy threads
(i) 'soar skyward'
(ii) 'beautiful but battered buildings'
(4 marks)

Question 4
ONE mark foe each of any FOUR of the following:
-cracked concrete
-elegant single-storey houses
-brand-new smoked-glass shopping centres
-battered buildings
(4 marks)